I originally trained as an Electrician in the Uk working in the sound and light industry (Nightclubs etc). After completing my apprenticeship I was lucky enough to find a job on a cruise line in 1989 and left the UK on new adventures. This is where i met my current wife Kanjana and in 1990 at the end of my contract it was a choice of going back to the UK or heading to Thailand and….. Yep…… Thailand Won… So that’s where i headed and its been my home since then. 

My early days in Thailand
So it was 1990 and i had just arrived in Thailand with not much money. I was lucky that Kanjana’s family was very helpful and we stayed with one of her brothers while deciding what to do.  I started working in the Hotel business and ended up working for a Hong Kong based company which was building new Hotels and Entertainment venues all over Asia. This allowed me to work in Thailand and also China and was a great experience. This is also how i first met Peter, he was working for one of the hotel chains which the Hong Kong company was involved in and i spent around 6 months on the project, during this time we became friends and the rest is history! 

Branching Out on our own. 
In 1993 I married by wife Kanjana and although I loved my work i have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Working for someone else wasn’t what i really wanted and therefore we decided to try to open our own business. We started a sound and lighting company in Bangkok and focused on installing sound and light equipment as well as organising events and providing equipment rental services. We done fairly well and managed to grow the business at the same time as starting a family. In 1997 our first son was born and then 1998 our second son. 

Time for a Change !  
After having 2 children our values started to change and we started to think more of the future with them. It was then we decided that moving back to the UK for a while and letting the children grow up there would be best.  We moved back to the UK around 2000 and started another chapter of our life. We stayed in the hospitality industry and became involved in a number of businesses which included Mobile Bars, Restaurants and Hotels. In 2003 our third son was born and the family was well and truly underway.  

Rediscovering Thailand: 
We spent many happy years in the UK but as the kids started getting older we (me more than my wife) started to look at how the children were growing up. I wasn’t happy with how things were going and after a long hard think we decided that it would be far better to raise our family in Thailand. So off we went again and relocated BACK to Thailand. The children started Thai schools and we all started adjusting to our new life. 

We tried several business ideas when we first arrived back and eventually ended up in the construction business which we are still in Today. 

Present day:
We now operate a construction company here in Bangkok which specialisies in modular buildings and steel fabrication. It is not easy but again it is far better working for ourselves than for others.

The Children have adjusted well and are now 23, 22 and 17, they all speak Thai and English and I think have become pleasant people with good values. In my opinion moving back was the best thing we did. I now wake up every day with the sun shining, palm tress outside and feeling positive every morning. I Love Thailand!

The Future:  
In 2020 i turned 50 and again started looking at the future. Having our business is great but it also takes a lot of hard work and can be stressful at times. As we get older we are looking for something that we can do which we really love and maybe some more freedom. 

With the digital age so many things seem to be moving online and the younger generation use Social Media far more than anything else. With this in mind YouTube seems to be the perfect answer (I hope).

After discussing with Peter it seemed a perfect time for us to join up and try to make things work for us in the new era. We both have similar ideas for the future and working on the channel together makes allows us to combine many of the things we love into 1 place. We both love Thailand and Technology and hopefully the new channel will allow us to share our experiences and knowledge with a new wave of people Thailand Bound!

I hope you enjoy what we do and look forward to the future. 


Simon Thailand Bound
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