Create Your Cartoon Story

Do you have a great story? Would you like to see it as a finished cartoon on our channel?

If the answer is yes then you are in luck! We will create your story into a 5 minute animation.  The story will be summarized as best as we can. 

Due to the huge amount of work involved in making an animation video we charge a fee of $100 USD to cover the time and work that goes into the making of each video. You can click the link below to make your payment and then submit your story with the form below. 

Please stay within the following guidelines :-

  • ENGLISH or THAI language only
  • No profanity (No swear words)
  • Keep it clean
  • No Racial Remarks
  • No Political comments
  • No mention of the Thai Royal Family
  • Any content we feel is not suitable will  be replaced with alternative content
  • $100 USD Donation to cover the production time. 
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